Spot Trace Satellite Tracker

Spot Trace Satellite Tracker— tracking your assets is now easy and affordable

Spot Trace is a smart inexpensive satellite tracker device that uses real-time satellite tracking technology to trace and locate assets.  Spot Trace will help you monitor and track any asset to which it is attached.

Spot Trace Satellite Tracker

Satellite tracking devices

GPS Tracker

This satellite GPS tracker technology is reliable and secure.  Because of the incredibly low price and low subscription costs, you are now able to monitor and secure multiple assets by purchasing and activating multiple Spot Trace devices.


Bob highly recommends the Spot Trace Satellite Tracker

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The Spot Trace Satellite Tracker Mounted On Boat

Satellite Tracker Mounted On Boat

Monitor and track assets virtually anywhere in the globe

The tracking technology of the Spot Trace extends worldwide.  Take a look at the map coverage below and you will realize the awesome power of this little device. 

Just a few years ago this kind of satellite technology would cost you thousands of dollars to buy.  Only major corporations, governments and very wealthy people were able to afford it.  

Today, thanks to the Spot Trace satellite tracker, everyone can enjoy cutting edge satellite tracker theft prevention and security protection for our cars, boats, and valuables.


World Coverage Map offered by the Spot Trace

Coverage Map for Spot Trace


New satellite technology makes the Spot Trace Satellite tracker compact and affordable

Compact GPS TrackerPhoto courtesy of Tiffany

Just a few years ago GPS Tracking Devices were heavy, large and difficult to conceal.  Power was also an issue: the tracking device had to be hardwired or fitted with expensive and hard to get batteries. 

The devices also relied on the availability or mobile phone or cellular coverage to transmit the alarms and locate stolen items.  This made them useless in the protection of assets located in remote locations.  The people at Spot have changed all that.

The device itself is small and compact

  • Size: 51.3 x 68.3 x 21.4 mm
  • Weight: 87.9g

Reliable, inexpensive and long-lasting power source options

  • It can be powered by just 4AAA lithium batteries (installed) 
  • 4 AAA Energizer® NiMH rechargeable batteries (NH12) (not supplied)
  • Line Power with a 5v USB connection (optional accessory)

Power Cable

The SPOT Waterproof DC Power Cable provides a secure power connection between your SPOT Trace and a DC power source.  The Ultra-Compact Micro USB Direct Hard-wire is ideal for boats, vehicles, bikes and any asset with a power source.


Uses reliable satellite technology

Satellite technology extends the coverage of protection well beyond to what cellular coverage can offer.

As well as being unreliable, cellular coverage can be disrupted during disasters and also by other means.  Satellite technology is far more robust and certainly more reliable.


The Spot Trace Satellite Tracker Is Super Easy To Install

You will be amazed at how easy it is to securely mount this device.   The satellite tracker comes with an ingenious mounting bracket that will enable you to quickly install it on all your assets.

The installation kit provided allows you to install the Spot Trace in an unlimited variety of positions and even in the most difficult places.  This means easy  and quick installations on boats, bikes, cars, farming equipment, industrial equipment–any asset with a surface really,


Spot Trace Mounting Bracket


The only thing you need to remember is that the unit must be facing the sky (the Logo must face the sky) and that you must not install it underneath metal objects as a metal object will disrupt the communication between the Trace and the satellite. 



In this installation, the satellite tracker is mounted under the fibreglass fairing of the motorcycle.  The unit can be mounted beneath fibreglass, fabric or glass, but metal obstructions should be avoided.

Spot Trace Boat Installation

In this boat installation, the Spot Trace is hidden in a fibreglass compartment of the boat.  Note that the logo of the Spot is facing the sky.

We are updating this page as new information becomes available so please come back for new and exciting news about this wonderful technology

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